Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Capsule Review - Me and You and Everyone We Know

August 21, 2007

Me and You and Everyone We Know - U.S., 2005

Why is it that love in movies is so simple? People meet, fall in love, sleep together, and decide they are meant to be together in record time. It’s almost as if writers compete to see how fast it can happen. Two days in your movie? I’ll make it one day! Sometimes this works. I completely bought the love in True Romance, but as I watched Titanic, I kept wanting to yell, “You just met the guy!” Unfortunately, Me and You and Everyone We Know gave me a feeling similar to one I experienced watching Titanic.

Me and You and Everyone We Know is about a man going through a divorce, his two sons, his co-worker, two teenage girls who are a little too eager to become experienced, a struggling artists, two senior citizens at a senior home, and a woman who specializes in art. The stories all blend together well, and the subject matter, which is often a bit risqué, is handled well. The problem was that I didn’t believe several of the stories, especially the relationship (if you want to call it that) of the divorced man and the struggling artist and because of that, I wasn’t able to become fully invested in the film. I did enjoy the story of the two senior citizens, who have found each other late in life, a fact that make their time together brief and all the more touching.

3 stars

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